The Langley Centennial Museum currently maintains a collection of almost 7000 archival photographs, 9000 objects and 500 works of art.  This collection, spanning hundreds of years, is a wonderful window on the past and present life of our community.

The Langley Centennial Museum's collection includes art from local and Canadian artists. This collection numbers several hundred art works, including two major collections: the documentary watercolours of pioneer buildings by Rudi Dangelmaier, and the works of turn-of-the century Canadian artist Legh Mulhall Kilpin.

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Object IDSynopsisImage
1958.108.001PAINTING | Oil Panting of "Yale" as it was in 1882, painted by Mr. J.W. Sinclair in 1934. | Fabric/wood
1962.005.001PAINTING | Fabric
1962.005.002PAINTING | The Old Fort Langley
1963.009.004Print | Crystoleum print of girl on a fence. | Paper
1963.009.005Print | Paper
1966.001.001Carving | Wood
1967.006.001PAINTING | "Hudson's Bay Fort Bastion" (part of the stockade on the Fraser River) | Fabric
1968.003.001painting | Fabric/wood
1968.003.002painting | Fabric
1969.012.001TOTEM POLE | Carving | Stone
1970.004.001Hanging | Wall Hanging | A ceremonial mask depicting a Raven. | Wood
1972.012.001SCULPTURE | Carving | Stone
1972.016.006Print | Paper
1973.001.001Statue | Paper
1973.001.002Statue | Paper
1973.001.003Statue | Paper
1973.001.004Statue | Paper
1973.011.001PAINTING | The Beaver 1888 | Watercolour
1974.002.001painting | Painting of Murrayville, B.C. Circa 1910. Artist is Lloyd Michaud. | Fabric
1974.002.002painting | Fabric
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