The Langley Centennial Museum currently maintains a collection of almost 7000 archival photographs, 9000 objects and 500 works of art.  This collection, spanning hundreds of years, is a wonderful window on the past and present life of our community.

The Langley Centennial Museum's collection includes art from local and Canadian artists. This collection numbers several hundred art works, including two major collections: the documentary watercolours of pioneer buildings by Rudi Dangelmaier, and the works of turn-of-the century Canadian artist Legh Mulhall Kilpin.

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Object IDSynopsisImage
1989.058.001painting | Mother. | Canvas. | Oil.
1989.058.002PAINTING | "Marie Paddling to Eric". | Canvas. | Oil.
1989.058.003Painting | George John Kilpin. | Canvas. | Oil.
1989.058.004PAINTING | Cottage in Shade, Shawbridge. | Canvas. | Oil.
1989.058.005PAINTING | View from the Peel Steps, Montreal. | Canvas. | Oil.
1989.058.006PAINTING | [The Schoolteacher].
1989.058.007PAINTING | [The Crystal Gazer]. | Canvas. | Oil.
1989.058.008PAINTING | [Grecian Woman]. | Canvas. | Oil.
1989.058.009Painting | Still Life: French Braid of Onions. | Canvas. | Oil.
1989.058.010PAINTING | Purple Iris. | Canvas. | Oil.
1989.058.011PAINTING | The Old Mill. | Canvas. | Oil.
1989.058.012PAINTING | The Gorge. | Paper. | Watercolour.
1989.058.013PAINTING | Riverboat on Severn.
1989.058.014PAINTING | The Marsh.
1989.058.015PAINTING | Presbytery Batiscan. | Gesso and wood frame. | Oil.
1989.058.017PAINTING | Canvas. | Oil.
1989.058.018PAINTING | Canvas. | Oil.
1989.058.019Painting | In Flanders Field. | Paper. | Pastel.
1989.058.020PAINTING | Side Yard of Cottage.
1989.058.021PAINTING | Board. | Oil. v4.3.0.10 - Langley Centennial Museum