The Langley Centennial Museum currently maintains a collection of almost 7000 archival photographs, 9000 objects and 500 works of art.  This collection, spanning hundreds of years, is a wonderful window on the past and present life of our community.

The artifact collection was started in 1928-29 by a voluntary organization, the Native Sons of British Columbia, who purchased the last remaining building at the Hudson's Bay Company Fort Langley and ran it as Langley’s first museum. Today our collection continues to have a strong community focus.

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Found 7,962 record(s)
Object IDSynopsisImage
958.71.1AStirrup | Wood
958.71.1BStirrup | Wood
959.3.3BCamera Case | Leather
960.2.1A-BRIFLE | Metal/wood
963.Chisel | Stone
968.5.8AGLOVE | Fabric
968.5.8BCollar | Fabric
972.25Cake Pan | Metal
973.1.56CCollar | Paper
973.1.56DCollar | Fabric
973.1.56ECollar | Fabric
973.1.56FCollar | Paper
973.1.56GDickey | Fabric
973.4.1B,CCuffs | Fabric
973.4.1DCollar | Fabric
973.4.1EBow | Fabric
973.4.1F,GCollar | Fabric
973.4.1HDickey | Fabric
975.5.3A-BRevolver | Hand Gun | Metal
976.1.9ASuit | Fabric
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