The Langley Centennial Museum currently maintains a collection of almost 7000 archival photographs, 9000 objects and 500 works of art.  This collection, spanning hundreds of years, is a wonderful window on the past and present life of our community.

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0001Historical PhotographsPrint, Photographic | W.C. Adams participates in a Royal Canadian Legion parade along the Pacific Highway in Cloverdale.
0002Historical PhotographsPrint, Photographic | Aerial view of Aldergrove looking north up Jackman Road.
0003Historical PhotographsPrint, Photographic | Studio portrait of A.J. Annand wearing a suit and sitting with a book in his hand.
0005Historical PhotographsPrint, Photographic | W.C. Adams in an office setting in Vancouver, B.C.
0009Historical PhotographsPrint, Photographic | Casual outdoor snapshot of A.J. Annand in a suit.
0011Historical PhotographsPrint, Photographic | Sarah Ann Annand in her garden.
0012Historical PhotographsPrint, Photographic | Studio headshot of Frank Annand.
0013Historical PhotographsPrint, Photographic | Wedding portrait of Joe and Maggie (nee Piercy) Annand.
0014Historical PhotographsPrint, Photographic | Landscape view of farmland with Armstrong Bluff visible on the horizon.
0015Historical PhotographsPrint, Photographic | William W. Armstrong, Albert V. Armstrong and Charles E. Armstrong in front of Charlie Armstrong's house.
0016Historical PhotographsPrint, Photographic | A barn raising at an unknown property.
0017Historical PhotographsPrint, Photographic | Interior picture of a barn roof.
0018Historical PhotographsPrint, Photographic | An unidentifed barn near a gravel road.
0019Historical PhotographsPrint, Photographic | Landscape scene of the Barvis hill farm, the Fraser River and McMillian Island.
0020Historical PhotographsPrint, Photographic | Canoe carrying an actor portraying Simon Fraser is escorted down the Fraser River to Derby for B.C. Centennial celebrations.
0021Historical PhotographsPrint, Photographic | Participants at the 1958 British Columbia Centennial celebrations dressed in 1908 women's fashions and the costume of a royal engineer.
0022Historical PhotographsPrint, Photographic | Simon Fraser's discovery of the Fraser River is re-enacted durring the 1958 B.C. Centennial celebrations.
0023Historical PhotographsPrint, Photographic | Actors at the B.C. Centennial celebrations portray native indians in a re-enactment of Simon Fraser's discovery of the Fraser River.
0024Historical PhotographsPrint, Photographic | Actors at the 1958 B.C. Centennial celebrations portray Simon Fraser's discovery of the Fraser River.
0025Historical PhotographsPrint, Photographic | Actors at the B.C. Centennial celebrations portray Royal Engineers raising the Union Jack.
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